Kenny, this is your job, you put this info in =].  I’m going to add in more information just because of the pictures and how much space they are taking up.  Anyway, as you can see, the logo for the Toon City is up, we need to get something up for the shop.  But in the meantime, please enjoy this placeholder that my friend Uriel created.


Friendship and dedication are the two keywords when describing the Shop.  This group was formed on the premise of 3 fundamentals, Free, Fun and Focus.  The idea was to have as many of South Florida’s Hip-Hop Instructors come together at least one night a week for collaborative classes.  Everyone would benefit from the joint venture.  Four of the core members remain vigilant in this group and their biographies read like that of a movie script.  With classes not only covering all of South Florida and the West Coast, but some even have annual classes outside of the state.  With performances that stretch across the globe from America to Europe and Asia.

The group’s strongest asset is not only the fact that they are all very good friends and a tight knit group, which is very evident in all of their classes and performances in which they do together, but also their level of professionalism.  They take their craft and their classes very seriously, and care very much for their students, whether it be only one class or a permanent fixture.


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